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Traditions at the Wedding

Nine Tradition Origins Explained

Love Details Indy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s All in the Details friends, and today it’s all about love.

Valentine’s Day is such a great day to celebrate your loved ones- significant others, family, friends- anyone who you care deeply about. This special day centered around love got us thinking about weddings of course (truth be told- ok, we are always thinking about them) and some of the traditions associated with the celebration.

We hear so many questions from couples about “why do we do this” that today seemed like the perfect opportunity to dive right in and decode nine of the most common wedding traditions seen in the United States.

First Kiss

Throwing Rice

Aisle Walk

First kiss as husband and wife
Ceremony exit rice bride and groom
Father of the bride and bride

The first kiss as husband and wife. Many years ago, it was common for the priest to give the groom a “kiss of peace” that he was to then pass along to his new wife. Nowadays we skip that first part and just enjoy a special kiss between the newly married couple (Phew!).

Showering the newly married couple post-ceremony with rice was a time-honored tradition to wish upon the couple prosperity and fortune. This tradition still exists today, however, rice is often replaced with ribbons, streamers, bells and bubbles.

The emotional walk down the aisle between a bride and a loved one; most commonly the father of the bride. This dates back to the times of arranged marriages when brides were sadly seen as collateral. (Yuck) Today, however, this tradition it is a special honor bestowed upon someone significant to the couple and seen as providing the bride support for her new life.

Engagement Ring

White Wedding Gown

Bridal Bouquet

engagement ring tradition
white wedding gown
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Three months salary?! While it’s true many save up quite some time for the perfect engagement ring, why do even have them?

The origin for this tradition dates back to ancient times when providing such an item was seen as reserving the bride. (Seriously?!)

More pleasantly today, however, this piece of jewelry symbolizes commitment and the embarkment on a new journey of lifetime commitment together. (There, that’s more pleasant!)

Something Blue

Something old something new something borrowed something blue

Most commonly wedding dresses are seen in some varying shade of white. Legend has it that this trend didn’t actually catch on until 1890 when Queen Victoria opted for a white gown. Symbolizing purity and wealth, the trend caught on quickly and lasts to this day.

(Wedding gowns via LUXEredux Bridal)

Wedding Cake

Wedding cake tradition

 A bridal bouquet is a common accessory for most modern brides, but this still vibrant tradition has it’s roots in the past.

Dating back to ancient Greece, brides would carry bundles of herbs and spices in order to ward off evil spirits. Today, luscious florals have commonly replaced the herbs and spices of the past. (Though, who doesn’t love a sprig or two of rosemary in their bouquet?)

(Bouquet via Enflora, Photo via Molly Connor Photography)

Bridal Veil

bridal veil tradition
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Say it with me…”Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Where on earth did this come from?

This tradition stems back to the Victorian era. As a collection, an old item, a new item, a borrowed item and a blue item were to provide the bride with good fortune.

Let’s break it down. “Something old” was supposed to be provided to the bride from her family to keep her connected to them after becoming married. “Something new” was meant to signify that new journey as husband and wife. “Something borrowed” was to be provided by a happily married couple. While “something blue” was to signify faithfulness and loyalty.

Yum! Probably one of the most anticipated moments by the guests of a wedding is the delicious wedding cake. (Ok, that’s slightly sad, but you know it’s true).

In Ancient Roman times, a groom was known to eat a portion of a loaf of bread and then break the remainder of it over his new wife’s head. The bride in exchange, was to pick up all of the crumbs so as to absorb good luck.

Nowadays, the good luck is shared with all in attendance by providing everyone with cake. (That said, pass the cake!) As an added bonus, the bride’s hair and makeup is saved too!

What about the top tier?

Incase you are interested, the tradition of saving the top tier of the cake stems from the belief that a couple would get pregnant within a year of their wedding. The top layer of the cake, thus, was to serve as their celebratory dessert for this occasion.

(Cake via Classic Cakes Carmel, Photo via Molly Connor Photography, Florals via Enflora)

Veils were worn in Ancient Greece and Rome back in the day by brides so as to protect them from evil spirits.

Today, veils come in all sizes such as bride cage, cathedral, Mantilla, ballet, elbow, fingertip, blusher and double tier among others. While the veil remains a classic accessory for many brides, some are opting for simpler accessories such as a floral crown or hair accessory instead.

(Veil and gown via Beloved Brides, Photo via Lem Montero, Hair and makeup via Style by Megan Grimm)

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