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It’s #Saturyay, so it’s time for another fun cocktail recipe to help you celebrate your weekend break from reality. For this week, we’re providing you with a chic twist on a classic cocktail. #detailsindy

A whiskey sour. It’s just whiskey and sweet and sour mix, right? Wrong! So many people have this impression from a bad experience at a bar and never give it a second chance.

Dating back to nearly the mid 1800s, the simplicity of this drink offers itself to be open for variation. From ginger juice to egg whites, the choices are plentiful for making this beverage your own.

We love pomegranate, so our simple variation involves this antioxidant super-food. (Ok, truth be told, the alcohol probably negates any benefit associated with it, but let’s pretend it’s a healthier addition than some other modifications).

4 oz Bourbon

2 oz Lemon juice (Don’t you dare reach for that sweet and sour mix)

2 oz Pomegranate simple syrup

Place ingredients with ice in a shaker. Strain and pour into a fun glass. (Who cares about tradition, choose a glass that fits your mood)

Garnish with fresh mint or an amazing Luxardo Cherry. (Ok, it’s pretty expensive for a gourmet maraschino cherry, but it makes a big difference). 

Enjoy! See you next #Saturyay!