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ONBB: Old New Borrowed & Blue- A Bride’s Best Friend


News flash, weddings are expensive.

Are you trying to find a way to cut costs for you big day?

Did you purchase a ton of “stuff” for your wedding that is just collecting dust in a corner? 

Are you in search of great deals?

Well, let me bring you in on a little secret. There is a new company based out of our fabulous city called ONBB (that’s short for Old, New Borrowed & Blue) that is going to change the way you acquire deals and resell your fabulous items. This website is going to be your new best friend both before, and shortly after, your big day.

Why? It’s so easy to use! You can download the app via the website here or you can download the app here on your iPhone or iPad to start selling items and/or purchasing from others. Fun fact? This is the only bridal resale app out there.

So…..What exactly is ONBB? I reached out to the Owner and CEO, Heidi Melton, to find out more.

ONBB Owner & CEO Heidi Melton

ONBB Owner & CEO Heidi Melton (Photo by Head Shots Aimed Photography)

What inspired you to create ONBB?

I have been planning and executing an average of 27 weddings a year for the past five years. Most all of my clients would ask me, “Where can I get this more affordably?” or “What do I do with all this stuff after the wedding day?” At first I would tell my clients to go to Facebook Marketplace, Craig’s List, or sell in their community garage sales. It wasn’t until a bride that purchased 300 glass chargers that followed up with me after trying to sell them on these platforms that I knew something better could be created. You see her chargers were originally purchased for $14.75(ish) a charger. She ended up selling half of them on Facebook Marketplace for $2.50 per charger and the rest at a garage sale for $.50 a charger; just so she could get rid of them.
I was amazed that after only one use and no damages to the chargers, she couldn’t sell them for a better value. That’s when I knew I could create a safe platform for reselling wedding decor, dresses, and more. Creating a single platform focused solely on wedding resale would establish a marketplace that would allow for newlyweds to sell their items at better values, but still keep prices affordable for current brides.
ONBB Old New Borrowed Blue

Ashley Whitmer Photography

Walk us through the process of selling an item

After downloading the app on your iPhone here, you must create an account in order to sell or buy items. You can create an account using your Facebook account or email. Once you have created an account, simply tap the camera icon and upload your photos from your wedding day, gallery, or take them using the camera feature in the app. Every item you sell will need a title, description, and selected categories. It also asks for the original price the item was purchased and then the sale price you want it listed. 
From there, you will need to place the dimensions of your package size and the weight of your item. Since items could be purchased as soon as they are uploaded, we always suggest having your box ready to go so you can ship as soon as the product is purchased. ONBB will send sellers a prepaid shipping label based on the package size and dimensions; so be sure this is as accurate as possible.
Once you have completed these steps, save your item, and then publish for buyers to purchase. Saving is important so that if anything happens with your phones connection to internet or data or your item upload process is saved to your profile and you can always return to it later to upload.

What types of items seem to be your most in-demand ones on ONBB?

We are currently seeing a lot of dresses being uploaded to the storefront, but have a lot of requests for more table top and decor. 

What makes ONBB different from other bridal resale options?

Bridal resale stores, just like most consignment average a purchase at 5% to 10% of the original purchase price or the current condition the items are in. ONBB offers a higher rate for sellers to publish their items for buyers all over the United States to buy. Bridal consignment shops also control the price they offer; where as ONBB gives the seller the control of the value of the product and the money they make on every sale!

ONBB also handles the shipping logistics of the packages with prepaid shipping labels sent directly to the seller’s email as soon as purchase is made. ONBB is also the ONLY wedding resale app in the marketplace. There are other resale apps that offer wedding categories, but like Facebook Marketplace, wedding items are lost in the thousands of other retail and other used items up for sale. ONBB is the only resale app solely for the purpose of Wedding resale, giving sellers a more focused marketplace.
ONBB Old New Borrowed Blue

Ashley Wittmer Photography

You are a bride-to-be yourself, how do you plan to utilize ONBB for your special day?

Dustin and I were engaged on June 16, 2017. We decided to wait until 2019 due to the cost of the wedding, and of course we started this business. Knowing the cost of the wedding was going to be expensive we are always looking for a more affordable option. Both Dustin and myself look at the app daily for newly updated wedding items to see if anything will work for our wedding day, and of course if something comes along we will definitely snatch it up before it’s gone.

Happy shopping and selling!



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