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I saw an article today on Brides.com about the most popular wedding songs in each state. Intrigued, I of course clicked on it expecting to see Indiana with some sort of Bruno Mars creation listed as that is what I tend to always hear at receptions.

To my shock, however, Indiana is still rocking out to the electric slide above all else. For clarification sake, it’s not the fault of DJs that we are stuck in a rut, as this song is requested quite often.

I get it, “you can’t resist it, it’s electric.”  It’s time for us as a state, however, to up our wedding reception line dance game.

Hoosiers have been getting down to the Electric Boogie since 1976. That’s a lot of sliding.

Don’t want to loose it, it’s electric!” Of course, I’m not proposing we stand united along the borders of the dance floor refusing to “boogie woogie,” but here are some suggestions for expanding the dance floor repertoire:

Cha Cha Slide

Cupid Shuffle