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Why are wedding planners important?

Should you invest in a wedding planner?

Why you should invest in a wedding planner. Now, before you go ahead and think this is a self-publicity email for me, it’s not. Notice I didn’t say that I want you to utilize All in the Details (as much as I would love that), but rather, I encourage you to use any planner. This is one of the most important days of your life and I want you to enjoy it!

There are many decisions to make when it comes to planning your special day. You might be struggling with prioritizing whether certain features are a necessity or merely a luxury. If so, I’m guessing that one of those considerations is whether a wedding planner is really necessary.

I get it.


I’ve been a bride myself. I’ll be the first to admit that I felt the same way about my own wedding. Especially being in the industry, I thought it would be only logical for me to do all of the planning and coordination. I was wrong. 

In the end, I hired a day-of coordinator and both my husband and I agree it was one of, if not the most, important investments we made for our wedding day. Entrusting someone to take care of pop-up issues, (Reference: bus driver hitting a statue), set-up and teardown, event flow, as well as vendor communication, among other things, was truly a blessing. 

This isn’t about me though, this is about YOU. I want YOU to have that same relief and joy that I was able to experience. That is why I continue loving what I do and why I encourage you to utilize a planner, be it day-of or full service, for your special day.


Think you’re already set?


Read a little further and see.

invest in a wedding planner

Owner and lead planner, Sarah Farthing on a special couple’s wedding day.
Photo by: Rachael Foster Photography

Stacy Able Photography Bride Wedding Planner

All in the Details getting the bride ready.
Photo by: Stacy Able Photography

Are on-site venue coordinators enough?

greenery wedding florals garland

Photo by: Rachael Foster Photography
Florals by: Pomp and Bloom

If your venue has an on-site coordinator, that’s wonderful! It seems you have chosen, or are thinking about, a venue that is truly client driven. Good job!



But wait…

I’ve been an on-site venue coordinator myself, so I know exactly what this position entails. In general, their job is to make sure the venue meets the level of excellence that you were promised. Sometimes, if you do not have a wedding planner, the on-site event coordinator will also run your rehearsal and your ceremony as well as arrange the arrival and setup of some of your vendors (that is, as long as the venue is fine). 

You’re probably saying to yourself that you’re covered.

Not so fast!

PLENTY of items are left to be handled. On-site event coordinators are wonderful and I highly applaud any facility that offers this perk as well as the coordinators themselves. I do, however, have a few questions for you:

Who will be picking up your gifts at the end of the night?

 Who will make sure that Aunt Ellen gets her nut-free meal?

What if your college friend brings a plus one on their own? Who will alter the seat assignments and notify the caterer?

wedding invitation wax seal details

It’s all in the details. Photo by: Halee Betzner Photography

 What happens when something is going on with the venue and your onsite coordinator becomes temporarily unavailable?

 Who will get all of your décor to and from the venue and will set it up exactly to fit your vision?

 Who will create a custom timeline not venue-centered for all vendors, as well as friends and family?

 Who will stuff your invitations and keep track of your rsvps as well as hotel reservations?

 Who will keep you and all vendors in sync with the timeline throughout the night?

Who will be there for you from start to finish? (Surprise!Venue coordinators tend to leave mid-event and there is also a high turnover rate. As a result, the person on your wedding day is often not the person you had been working with at the venue previously due to this).

 Who will give you their personal cell phone number and is there for you at all hours of the day for questions or a shoulder to cry on?

Most importantly, who has established a long professional relationship with you to know exactly how you envision your special day and will serve as your advocate to all other vendors so as to ensure that vision becomes a reality?

(That’s just the tip of the iceberg…)

Everyone should enjoy the day, including your friends and family

bridal party celebration party bus

It’s a celebration!
Photo by: Halee Betzner Photography
Florals by: The Marshmallow Monkey

It’s incredibly thoughtful when a lot of friends and family offer to assist with your wedding, but do you really want to them running around and focusing on responsibilities when they could be enjoying themselves and celebrating WITH you?

No one wants to tear down at the end of the night. I’ve seen many wonderful friends not end up completing their tasks because they are too worn out or busy partying and that’s not their fault. This is a celebration of your love. Let your friends and family share in that celebration, regardless of how wonderful their intentions may be.

I cannot recommend hiring someone outside of a venue to serve as your point person strongly enough. 

That said, it’s important to find a vendor that fits your vision and personality. I always recommend looking at the Knot to start your planner research.

In the end..

bride and groom Newfields Indianapolis

A quiet moment.
Photo by: Kristin Mittlestedt
Florals by: Eufloric Events

A combination of a venue coordinator and a wedding planner is a winning one!

Take the weight off of you, your friends and your family and just enjoy the day knowing someone has you taken care of from start to finish and hire a planner. It’s what we, and all, planners are there for; for YOU!



Let me take it from here!


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